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Floor transfer foil

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Floor transfer foil is Heat transfer film specially used for MDF flooring, laminate flooring and WPC floor, adhesive used for hot stamping is hot melt adhesive, colorless transparent or light yellow sticky liquid, after dried into foil, the base foil is transparent, on the coated release agent and ink surface, with excellent composite fastness and excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, strong resistance to water, acid and alkali performance. Floor transfer foil can completely replace solid wood skin and stickers, direct transfer to the floor. Realistic surface texture, bright color, no color difference, close to nature. The floor surface transfer process is simple and efficient. floor surface can do UV coating after transfer. The hot stamping floor does not contain formaldehyde, or any other toxic, harmful substances, with excellent environmental performance.

Floor transfer foil

Floor transfer foil

Floor transfer foil


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