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WPC door board stamping foil

  • WPC door board transfer film
WPC door board transfer film

WPC door board transfer film

  • Ease foil:PET
  • Supply Ability:20000000meter/month
  • Packaging:As required
  • Payment Terms:T/T Paypal
  • Product description: Which totally called heat transfer layer released from PET base film, transfer to the WPC door surface, then formed the decorative pattern on the surface of the door, and the surface has excellent wea

Normal specification for W-1035 WPC door board heat transfer film, vacuum-thermoforming transfer film: thickness: 40-50microns specifications: width can be customized, length 500m/1000m per roll, color: wood grain pattern, gold, silver, marble limitation film, and other nostalgic patterns, wood plastic composite door panel transfer film, vacuum-thermoforming transfer film also can develop new color pattern according to the WPC door board heat transfer film market demand. MOQ: 2000m.