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MDF hot stamping foil

  • PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
  • PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
  • PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
  • PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDFPET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDFPET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDFPET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF

PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF

  • Ease foil:PET
  • Supply Ability:80000000meter/month
  • Packaging:As required
  • Payment Terms:T/T Paypal
  • Product description: MDF hot stamping foil is mainly used on MDF boards,we adopt advanced production technology, high opaque ink with coverage rate 3 times higher than ordinary one, strong adhesive glue.

Company Information
Product Description
PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
Our newly developed MDF heat transfer film, the base film thickness is 20-25 um, after painting with release layer, wear-resisting layer, pattern layer, glue layer, the finished film thickness with dry painting is 40-45 um, through hot stamping process, directly transfer our film pattern onto medium and high density fiberboard. Our MDF hot stamping foil are widely used in surface decoration and shaped edge, door frame, door, floor, decorative molding profiles, window, and furniture panel etc..
Specifications: 640MM, 1280MM
Features: delicate texture, clear and vivid, has a strong sense of three-dimensional effect, wood imitation; high opacity, strong adhesion, wear resistance and corrosion resistance etc.
Stamping roller temperature: 160-220 ℃
Heat transfer speed: 5-10 m/min
Pressure: 4-5 bar
Usage: 1. clean the surface: clean the substrate surface, remove dust and greasy , etc..
2. Pull out and flatten the MDF film, put it on the stamping machine. Avoid MDF board and the film from wrinkled.
Product Name
PET Wood Grain Heat Transfer Printing Film For MDF
Pattern color
Customized design or choose from our pattern catalogue
ISO, Intertek, IAF, SGS
Base film thickness
Total thickness
Brand name
Length per roll
Paper core diameter
75mm (3”), 25mm(1”)
Minimum quantity
2500 square meter

Why use heat transfer film?

Because of the hot stamping process is simple and fast, no pollution, good adhesion, it is generally recognized and accepted.

The transfer pattern is rich, colorful, kaleidoscopic, small color difference, good reproducibility, heat transfer film can meet the design requirements of the pattern effect, and is suitable for mass production; through hot stamping machine, transfer exquisite pattern from heat transfer printing film onto the surface of the substrate product by heating and pressure, after forming, the ink layer and the surface of products will combine as a whole, vivid and beautiful, greatly improve product quality and increase product added value.

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Packing & Delivery

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Q1. Do you provide samples ? is it free?

A:Yes, free sample is available but the express cost will be covered by the receiver.

Q2. Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A:We are manufacturer with export license.

Q3. What’s your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

A:We accept MOQ as 2000m.
For example, 640mm wide film needs MOQ as 1280 square meters.
1280mm wide film needs MOQ as 2560 square meters.

Q4: What is your terms of payment ?

A:Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, balance shall be paid before shipment.

Q5. How long is your delivery time?

A:Normally 7-10 days after deposit received.

Q6. Width of our heat transfer film

A:Our standard film width is 640mm and 1280mm, but we accept customized width as wide as 1350mm, welcome to contact with us for other required sizes.

Q7. Setting of heat transfer temperature and pressure

A:Hot stamping temperature range is normally considered as 140 to 180 Celsius degrees, once the best temperature is set, it should be kept constantly, the temperature difference is kept within + 2℃.
Hot stamping pressure is generally 6 - 4 kg/cm2.

Q8. Storage method of our hot stamping foil

1. To handle gently, to put straight, upright, not horizontally during transport of our products.
2. Protect from pressure, dampness, heating, and sunshine, storage temperature is 0-25℃.
3. Do regular testing for color and adhesion before use, if any problem found, stop use and to inform the manufacturer for handling negotiation.
4. Storage period: recommended storage cycle not more than 12 months.

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